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It's where you want to be..

There's a secret I've been perfecting..

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Be honest
Be truthfull
Don't be a dick or a bitch to anyone who's applying. Yeah, they may suck, but tell them in a good way, ok?
If anyone posts anything with an opinion based entry, be nice. Or, you can be truthful, depends on how you look at it.
Don't start arguements or fights, because then, you're just going to be kicked out. :)
Be sarcastic. Thanks.

Here is the application. Just copy and paste it, and apply it into here.

alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, aohk, apple juice, bad stuff, badmitton, billy talent, bio dome, black and white pictures, blankets, blue collar comedy tour, bon fires, bowling, boys, brand new, candy, capture the flag, cds, chips and dip, cold places, creapy things, crying, cuddling, cursive, cutting, dancing, dane cook, dark places, dashboard confessional, degrassi, donnie darko, drawing, dreaming, earrings, edward scissor hands, eighties movies, eighties music, eisley, electric six, ever after, eyes, fear, fireworks, forest gump, friends, giving advice, good movies, green day, gum, gushers, having fun, holding hands, hoobastank, hook, horror movies, how to deal, hugs, hugs from behind, incubus, jack black, jackass, jewelery, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, king pin, kisses on the forehead, kissing, laughing, legos, looking at the stars, loser, lost prophets, love songs, making out, making people laugh, making people smile, marker wars, matchbook romance, mouline rouge, music, my so-called life, never been kissed, nickelback, oasis, october fall, painting, parties, piercings, pillows, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, prank calling, queen, rage against the machine, rain, reading, rollercoasters, romeo and juliet, saved by the bell, saving silverman, scary movies, school of rock, scream 1 2 3, seventies music, sitting on rooftops, sleeping, sleeping in tents, sleeping on trampolines, smores, son-in-law, sports, steven lynch, story of the year, straylight run, taking back sunday, tatoos, telling jokes, telling stories, that thing you do!, the ataris, the birdcage, the craft, the drums, the missing, the nightmare before christmas, the others, the tiger lily, the used, the wedding singer, tickling people, virgin suicides, wildboyz, working out, yellowcard, ,